What happens in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavaske announced a woman from Las Vegas was sentenced in a criminal case which involved an investment scam.

Paulette Marie Goetz, 70, operated the scam through a company called Corporate Associates, Inc., a statement from Ford’s office said. Goetz previously pleaded guilty in the scam case to one count of securities fraud and one count of numerous transactions between fraud of deceit in the plan of a venture or operation.

According to the announcement from Ford’s office, Goetz utilized her company to fool”her victims into investing tens of thousands of dollars by building a series of misrepresentations,” the statement said.

“She Falsely guaranteed, among other things, there was no danger involved in their investments, and that her investors were guaranteed a gain of at least 10 percent of the investment per month,” the announcement said. “But, the money was never spent nor returned to the sufferers. In total, the victims named in the indictment dropped a total of $232,500.”

Eight District Court Judge Stefany Miley sentenced Goetz to 48 to 240 months in prison and ordered her to pay over $200,000 in investigative costs.

“I believe the job of my office is justice, and that means justice for victims who were defrauded out of the hard-earned money,” stated Attorney General Aaron Ford. “Any Nevadans who believe they’ve been victimized by a scam or elaborate scheme are invited to file a complaint with my office.”

“Enforcing Nevada’s securities legislation is Among my priorities as Secretary of State” Cegavske stated. “If You’re Asked to invest in a program that guarantees extremely substantial yields with Little if any danger, I encourage you to reach out into the Nevada Securities Division. Sometimes These Kinds of high-yield investment programs are fraudulent.”

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