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(02/06) The Scapegoat Is Being Readied By HT
(02/06) Involuntary Thrift By Michael J. Panzner
(02/06) Fitch Discloses Its Fatally Flawed Rating Model | Debt Trap Mass Exodus By Mish
(02/06) Tthinking about the Presidency By Fred Cederholm
(02/06) California Budget Woes: Balance the Budget by Gambling and Letting Inmates Out! By Dr HB
(02/06) The ‘Super’ Primary Is Over But The Race Continues; Is It Still ‘Too Close To Call?’ By D. Schechter
(02/02) Petro-dollars in images – Americans: Wake Up By Jame Jaeger
(02/02) As The Economic Crisis Deepens, Fed Cuts Rates AGAIN And Stocks Fall By D. Schechter
(02/02) The Wave Is Finally Hitting The Beach By Ben Jones
(02/02) Is Capitalism Essential to a Positive Singularity? By Jame Jaeger
(02/02) Riding in the Short Bus of Housing By Dr HB
(02/02) Plenty More Nightmares to Come By Michael J. Panzner
(01/31) Did Fred Hassan use smoke-and-mirrors to “turn around” both Pharmacia and Schering-Plough? By Peter Rost
(01/31) From Credit to Money, Part I By A. Ash
(01/31) What Caused the Housing Crash? Two Words: Crushing Debt By AS
(01/31) 60 Minutes Legitimizes Walking Away by Mish
(01/31) Green Machine by John Rubino
(01/31) The State of the Union, The State of a Broken Record, The State of Despair By D. Schehcter
(01/31) Thinking about rogues By Fred Cederholm
(01/31) Defending a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy – The Independent Institute
(01/31) Sending in Your Home Keys Just Got Easier By Dr HB
(01/31) A Housing Bust In California By Ben Jones
(01/31) Keynesian Chickens Coming Home by Nelson Hultberg
(01/27) The Business Cycle by James Jaeger
(01/27) Commercial Real Estate Crash Underway By Mish
(01/27) Why the Stimulus Package Hurts Housing and Sneaking in a Raise for Loan Caps By Dr HB
(01/24) Global Junkification By SB Kayser
(01/24) A Housing Led Recession By AS
(01/24) California Dreaming and Double-Speak Housing BY Dr HB
(01/24) Faith In The Fed: The Last Bubble To Pop By Mish
(01/19) Why Ron Paul Will Be The Next U.S. President by James Jaeger
(01/19) Stimulate This By D. Schechter
(01/19) The Smear Campaign on Ron Paul by Nelson Hultberg
(01/19) Exposed, Reviled and Punished By Michael J. Panzner
(01/19) Fiscal “Stimulus” Doomed To Fail By Mish
(01/19) Housing Crisis? How About Buying a House You Can Afford! By AS
(01/19) Breaking Down the National Housing Neurosis By Dr HB
(01/19) As The Bond Insurers Collapse, Wall Street Debt Junkies Will Follow By NY HB
(01/19) Family-democracy By Joost van Steenis
(01/16) Credit Card Time Bomb Is Ticking Away By Mish
(01/16) Alert: Breaking phase ahead for the global financial system in 2008 by Leap2020
(01/16) False Prophets of Housing By Dr HB
(01/16) Thinking about trends By Fred Cederholm
(01/13) Why Iran Is Still In The Cross-Hairs By Ellen Brown
(01/13) Junior Gold Miners Pulling Out of the Station By Greg Silverman
(01/13) Tracking The Crisis By D. Schechter
(01/13) False Bottoms in Action. $300,000 Off in 1 Year! By Dr HB
(01/13) A Letter to Governor Dodge – Part 1 | Part 2 By David Jensen
(01/13) Financial freedom community – Internet’s first get-out-of-debt community
(01/09) Massive Inventory Decrease in Southern California. Is This the Fabled Bottom? By Dr HB
(01/09) Taking A Dive Worse Than Anyone Thought By Ben Jones
(01/09) Recession is a Reality By Mish
(01/09) ‘The Urgency Of Now:’ Our Politicians Are Still In Denial By D. Schechter
(01/09) Corporate Tax Scams by Financemedia
(01/09) Thinking about audits By Fred Cederholm
(01/09) Housing Pot Pourri Around The Wold By Mish
(01/06) Real Homes of Genius: Today we Salute you Downey. $270,000 off Peak! By Dr HB
(01/06) Concept of Pay Raise For Some Federal Judges Is Revolting! By Barbara Ann Jackson

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GATA, World Bear, Credit Bubbles And The World Crash

(02/03-06) ‘Creative Destruction’ – The Madness of the Global Economy | U.S. recession could be worse than recent downturns

(02/03-06) Wildcat banking in the virtual frontier | Central Banking Has a History of Always Failing to Stabilize Markets |Unemployment, Misery, and the Fed | The Coming Collapse of International Credit Ratings | Greenback Has Lost 30% in Past 7 Years, Becomes “Bernanke Peso”

(02/03-06) Spanish economic slowdown deepens, recession feared
(02/03-06) I won’t be made a scapegoat – €5bn rogue trader breaks silence | Papers Show Wachovia Knew of Thefts
(02/03-06) Europe stabilises after Asian stocks plunge

(02/03-06) Why Americans are going broke | Americans Prepare to Live Within Their Means | Debt Trap Mass Exodus

(02/03-06) Iran ‘secret weapon’ against US likely to fail – Oil Bourse | Iran’s oil bourse could topple the dollar
(02/03-06) Chinese named World Bank chief economist | ICBC Deposes Citigroup as Chinese Banks Rule in New World Order
(02/03-06) Recession is here – economists | Credit gloom drives up cost of debt risk
(02/03-06) CDO Market Is Almost Frozen, JPMorgan, Merrill Say
(02/03-06) A sequel to “The Double Whammy of Geopolitical Global Gold Games”
(02/03-06) [GATA] Is the gold price really being manipulated? | The real lesson of Societe Generale | Fed manipulates all markets with repurchase agreements

(02/03-06) Boom in the Doom
(02/03-06) Stocks slip after Fed comments: Official suggests no more interest-rate cuts
(02/03-06) Fitch Discloses Its Fatally Flawed Rating Model | Moody’s offers to change debt rating system
(02/03-06) The Fed isn’t fooling anyone
(02/03-06) Our Solid Economy – Cartoon
(02/03-06) Auto Loan Defaults Newest Financial Meltdown
(02/03-06) The Great Credit Rating Scandal | What if House Prices Fall by 30% Worldwide? | US Homeowners Confound Predictions | The Real Scandal | Risk of (commercial) property defaults growing | Lenders freeze equity lines in response to tumbling property values | Media Meltdown: Unreporting the Housing Bubble | Reverse Mortgage A Growing Concern |Credit-Card Crunch Crimps Home-Equity Loans | VIDEO: Shiller Says Historic Housing Bust, Possible Severe Recession | These Loans Were Made for Walking: The End of the Subprime Crisis | Higher loan limits will lead to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bailout

(02/03-06) A Northern Rock style crisis is threatening Iceland’s entire banking system

(02/01-02) How Your 401(k) Is Ripping You Off
(02/01-02) Investing in Foreign Currencies: Recession Proof Investing
(02/01-02) Jim Rogers – it’s going to be much worse than a recession, the Fed is out of control
(02/01-02) Financial firms sweat out the earnings season

(02/01-02) Banks Find Few Takers for Loans Funding Deals | S&P; sees more than $265bn in losses for banks[Standard & Poors] | Citigroup’s Strange New Definition Of “High Risk” | Bankers Gone Bonkers:Global Finance and the Insanity Defense | Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony | Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent

(02/01-02) Qatar considers dropping dollar peg | US’s triple-A credit rating ‘under threat’

(02/01-02) Who says bipartisanship is dead? – The Politics of Foreclosure (predatory borrowers) | Subprime Lenders Get Big Accounting Break at SEC | Owing your lender more than your home is worth | (Mortgage) Broker gets prison term Banks May Write Down *another* $70 Billion | The Money Party (4) Money Party to Citizens: Drop Dead! | Florida investigates Countrywide over mortgage practices | Why home prices could drop 25% more on average | The SubPrime Crisis Prompts Lawsuit Deluge As Losses Mount | New $20B subprime bailout on the table | Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Trash Your House and Leave | Fair Game: Lenders Who Sold and Left | Greenspan defends subprime role to Swedish bankers | Borrowers Predatory Too | UBS facing subprime banking investigations

(02/01-02) Jobless Claims Spike, Spending Slows, More Rate Cuts Coming | Why The Job Market Is Worse Than You Think
(02/01-02) Economic Fear Taking Hold | Global stocks knocked by credit fears
(02/01-02) At Davos Davos-City-Guide Jan-08, trying to change an incomprehensible world | Mountain meltdown–Davos 2008: Sing, drink and be gloomy | Davos’s Great Failure

(02/01-02) The Double Whammy | Chapman Snippet on Current Conditions America’s Teetering Banking System: “Where did all our deposits go?” | Bush to unveil a $3 trillion-plus budget request for his final year

(02/01-02) Stagflation is Here | The Hidden Costs of Recession
(02/01-02) MBIA, Ambac Rise After Report Banks Will Form a Rescue Group | Banks link to solve bond insurers crisis (bailout?)
(02/01-02) Wall Street Embraces Big Government to Stave Off U.S. Recession
(02/01-02) Keynesian quackery | Bernanke hits the joy button
(02/01-02) How oil burst the American bubble
(02/01-02) Out-of-control predatory capitalists have perpetrated a worldwide economic depression

(02/01-02) Economic stimulus package: macabre waltz into the abyss | Why Is Bernanke Trying to Fight the Bear? |Religion and economic freedom | Economic stimulus Is A Major Scam

(02/01-02) Talk on debt and financial instability | VIDEO: The merciless exponential debt explosion
(02/01-02) UK – Council gives Ł16,000 to first home buyers
(02/01-02) Merrill Charged With Fraud by Massachusetts on CDO Sale to City
(02/01-02) Bank Chief [Societe General] May Face Questions
(02/01-02) The Dollar’s Long Fade | Poisoning the economy
(02/01-02) Headlines Of The Great Stock Market Crash Of 1929
(02/01-02) 300,000 Australians risk losing their homes this year /a>
(02/01-02) US no longer world’s only economic giant
(02/01-02) Why China is rooting for a US slowdown
(02/01-02) For Japan, a long, slow slide
(02/01-02) Banana Republic, Without the Bananas…or the Republic
(02/01-02) AUDIO: The Next Great Depression – Part 3
(02/01-02) Russia’s billionaires join next big gold rush | Peak Cheap Oil, Peak Dollar, but no Peak Gold

(02/01-02) [GATA] Wall Street Journal’s lead story: Investors rush to gold | Mining Interactive interviews GATA Chairman Bill Murphy

(02/01-02) For Just a Few Dollars, a Big TV and Years of Debt – 71% interest
(02/01-02) China’s largest bank to set up branch in Qatar
(02/01-02) Bush Wants $200 Billion In Medicare Cuts
(02/01-02) Bush asks for $6 billion to fight the terrorists online
(02/01-02) Universal earnings fall to Ł3.6bn
(02/01-02) US economy comes to virtual standstill | America’s middle classes are no longer coping
(02/01-02) The Crisis Management Stage

(01/28-31) Davos, Debt & Systemic Failure – When West Meets East | Worse to come for economy, warns Brown
(01/28-31) Socialism for Wall Street. Banks buy cheap Treasuries to recapitalize Debt

(01/28-31) The Crash of the Bank of United States | The U.S. Economy Faces the Guillotine | Government Rescue Too Late | Brace Yourselves | The dollar’s reserve currency role is drawing to an end | Greenspan doubts Fed’s ability to prevent recession | The unsettling zeitgeist of state capitalism

(01/28-31) SocGen’s Kerviel Charged, Released From Custody, Threatens to ‘name names’ | SocGen in disarray as judges throw out fraud charge against trader L’Affaire Société Générale | Master fraud or fall guy? | Will the banks never wise up? | Rogue trader: I did it – but I only wanted a bonus T | Bank’s board member sold shares before the scandal – timeline | French find new hero in rogue trader who nearly broke the bank | FSA warns SocGen scandal could happen in UK | Sarkozy tries to block foreign bid for SocGen | French rogue trader says his bosses knew

(01/28-31) The Great Fiscal Stimulus Package… Of 1929 | VIDEO: Your household owes about $400,000 to everyone
(01/28-31) IMF head in shock fiscal warning | A global shock to the system | IMF calls: More government spending please
(01/28-31) Finance system “out of its mind”: France’s Sarkozy

(01/28-31) Financial crisis to hit 20,000 London jobs: report | (01/28-31) Britain faces recession, India, China can’t help: Deloitte | Warning over one million UK homes at risk | Needs to raise taxes by Ł8bn to keep public finances in order | FSA could play lead role in preventing bank collapses | Secret bank rescues to be allowed

(01/28-31) Continuing turbulence on Australian share markets
(01/28-31) World markets on a roller-coaster ride
(01/28-31) BoF’s Noyer says US sub-prime crisis to slow European economy | No risk of major French recession -government
(01/28-31) What Happened to the Promised S&P; & Moody’s Review of MBIA & Ambac?

(01/28-31) CBS VIDEO: House Of Cards | Mortgage Refinancing: Don’t Trust the Data | Countrywide lawsuit names Canadian banks | US blacks see ‘financial apartheid’ in subprime crisis | Credit where credit is due: Who caused the Mortgage Crisis? | 50-80% of $1Trillion in sub-prime is non-compliant” | Media Coverage of the Mortgage Crisis | Home Ownership In Record Plunge | Countrywide Financial Posts $422 Million Loss on Overdue Mortgage Payments | US mortgage crisis creates ghost town | Tent city in suburbs is cost of home crisis (VIDEO) | What Median Home Prices Would Look Like If the Bubble Never Happened | FBI investigates sub-prime crisis, including some of the world’s largest banks | Broke homeowners linked to arsons | Mortgage Apps Near 4-Year High on Refi Surge

(01/28-31) Long history of Dutch house reveals that bubbles always burst
(01/28-31) The Great Credit Unwind of 2008 | Central bankers are fiddling as Rome burns | Bank Reserves Go Negative
(01/28-31) ‘Credit orgy’ is over and recession looms, says Jabre
(01/28-31) Japan’s Long-Awaited Inflation Saps Spending, Growth
(01/28-31) Europe leaders warned against ‘artificial’ cures | European leaders call for financial market transparency | East Europe: Crisis is heading towards us
(01/28-31) UBS Reports Record Loss After $14 Billion Writedown
(01/28-31) The $1.4 Trillion Question
(01/28-31) ECB aid to Spanish banks matches Rock rescue

(01/28-31) [GATA] ECB secretly rescues Spanish banking system | Is gold ready for a ‘rocket shot’? | Half of gold in central banks gone? | Trading imaginary gold gets easier in gold-savvy Vietnam | Emergency rate cut revives talk of ‘Bernanke put | South African miners in desperate talks over power crisis | GATA’s full-page color ad in The Wall Street Journal | Gold could soon pass the US$1,000 level | Recession won’t slow silver down

(01/28-31) Ron Paul’s Competing Currencies | Gold going to a new place altogether

(01/28-31) Time To Move On to the Next Bubble: Clean Energy | In America, land of the bubbles, the next pop will be the biggest
(01/28-31) High anxiety for 401(k) investors
(01/28-31) Bond insurers out of cash, need $130Bn taxpayer bailout
(01/28-31) French consumer confidence plunges (lowest since ’87)
(01/28-31) The Keynesian corner
(01/28-31) A creditors’ protection bill